U.F.O. NO!

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Physics-based building and squirrel survival game in hand drawn style.

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Aliens have invaded Earth! Millions have been kidnapped via U.F.O. and experimented on, with no end to the madness, installing cybernetics and otherworldly appendages on the humans, just to see what would happen.

One crafty prisoner was able to escape its UFO, and snags a large alien egg with them, hoping to trade it for an escape pod. But they’ll need to work together with other escapees if they want to have a shot at this.

Exclusively on PlayDate, use the crank to run and dodge obstacles, while passing the egg to other nearby escapees before getting captured!


Made using Lua and NobleEngine for PlayDate
Developed by Alghost
Design and Art by Firethorn43
Sound Design by Peperinoplis
Music by Dolha Nadia “ViceCTRL”

Made for PlayJam 2 (hosted by PossiblyAxolotl)