Sunken Shadows

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First person roguelike in 32bit style set in a ruined underwater city.

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A wizard must be defeated in the the deep depths of the sea. Travel though an abandoned underwater city made of randomly generated rooms and floors you have to travel down. Each floor contains dangerous aquatic creatures that you and your trusty knife must get through by slashing enemies and grappling around to avoid their attacks. At the bottom of each biome a fearsome creature will block your way that you must defeat. Should you fail, you’ll possess a new vessel to try and try again.


Follow the purple lights down as far as possible to face the boss and defeat it!


Throw the knife with LMB/ RT, wait for it to hit a wall or enemy (denoted by the changing crosshair) and press E/ LT to pull yourself towards it (acts as a grappling hook of sorts).
You can also throw the crystal with Q and use that as an impromptu grappling target.
There is a list of controls in both the start and pause menu, so feel free to review that at any point when the controls are unclear!
Pause Menu is accessed by pressing Escape or the Start button on the controller.


Features a procedurally generated dungeon consisting of hand-built rooms and a level editor for making your own custom challenges. If you make some cool rooms, feel free to send them to us and we might include them in a future version of the game!

More biomes, enemies and bosses are coming in a future update. We’re also planning to introduce upgrades, shops and puzzles into the game later on.


Alghost (Programming & VFX)
Mikoolec (Game Design, Art, Level Design)
TinkerGolem (Game Design, Art, Level Design)
October (Music and Sound Effects)
jd brown (Sound Effects)