Pixel Garden

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A gardening and cooking game made for LowRezJam 2022.

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A gardening and cooking game made for LowRezJam 2022.
Your plants are your tools - you use them to tend to your farm, cook and ward off nasty predators.


Made using Godot Engine
Art by Mary Greenapple
Game Design, Code, Sound and Music by Alghost


Watering canUse on dry soil to water it and make plants grow. Can be filled up again by using it on water tiles.
HoeUse on grass tiles to turn them into soil tiles. Breaks after 4 uses. Can be grown using Hoeplant seeds.
PotUse grown plants on it to add them to the cooked recipe. Can be placed next to a fire to make it cook. Take it off the fire when the exclaimating mark appears, otherwise it will start to burn after a while and the ingredients are gone! Can be grown using Potted Plant seeds.
FireCan be started by using a grown Jalaburno plant on the floor. Can heat up pots and other items. Increase the heat (and duration) by placing another Jalaburno next to it.
Vending machineInteract with it to pay the price shown above it and receive a seed for the plant shown in its window. The offered plants change from time to time, make sure to come back regularly.
GuestGuests will ask for a specific recipe. Cook it for them and interact with them while holding the pot/ plate with it to get the amount of coins they are offering.
SnailWill try to eat your precious plants! It doesn’t like being hit by a thrown Chilly or Jalaburno. Also you can push it away temporarily to prevent it from finishing to eat a plant.